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NBUVB Phototherapy Device 311nm

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NBUVB Phototherapy Device 311nm

NBUVB Phototherapy Device 311nm

NBUVB lamp has already helped thousands of patients across the world in treatment of Vitiligo/Leukoderma/Safed daag/White patches/Fulveri, Atopic dermatitis, Mycosis Fungoides, Pruritus, Photodermatoses, Hyperbilirubin and many skin related ailments and complications. Although designed for consumer at-home therapy, also is used by many professional dermatologists, general practitioners, clinics, and hospitals.

Control gear of Device ensures very long life span of the NBUVB Phototherapy Lamp with minimal depreciation of exposed energy and has been tested most stringently to run the Lamp very safely. Hence, this careful designed Narrowband phototherapy device ensures to achieve an effective treatment.

We have adopted comb less & scientific physical design to avoid any wave length deviation and absorption of desirable radiation this leads to 2.5 times more efficient radiation rate than conventional devices, offering faster recovery from chronic diseases like Vitiligo. The exceptional outstanding performance and uniqueness of our device has gained recognition among technical experts and renowned dermatologists, who consider it a masterpiece in its field.

Needless to say, our device has shown incomparable results in providing rapid recovery from chronic disease such as vitiligo and auto immune disorder of skin. In addition, we offer a complimentary UV protected goggle, ensuring 99% protection, to be worn when the device's radiation should not be exposed to the eyelids and surrounding areas. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive booklet or handbook that offers detailed insights into the pathogenesis of vitiligo, along with protocols and step-by-step guidelines for achieving the fastest recovery from this chronic condition. Why wait any longer? Say goodbye to vitiligo by embracing our device.


- Carefully and Scientifically designed, vastly admired by Dermatologist as Hand Held Home care Phototherapy device to expedite the recovery of Vitiligo / Leucoderma     /Safed Daag / Safed code / , Psoriasis, Eczema, Dandruff and other similar skin conditions.

- CE Certified Original, 311nm NBUVB (Made in Poland) Lamp has been used and provided safety UVB protected goggle with case, along with Hand Book & Instruction     manual. Rugged cylindrical shaped cane has been provided in order to keep the device intact.

- Well designed (Optically and Electrically) system, provides focused and controlled exposure of desired useful, 311nm radiated energy. Therefore there is very fast             recovery and shortest possible time from chronic diseases described as above, and more over without any significant side effects.

- Device works in supply source of 230Vac and covers all the Electrical safety features to avoid any accidental Electrical Fluctuations and Surges.

- Package Includes: NBUVB Device, UV Protected Goggle, Handbook, Device Container

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