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Woods Lamp for Skin Analyzer

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Woods Lamp for Skin Analyzer

Woods Lamp for Skin Analyzer

Woods Lamp / light for Skin Analyzer & Beauty/Currency/Gems/Pathology:

·         VISION TECH presents WOODS LAMP with innovative features admired by Dermatologist and General Practitioner for diagnosing and identifying various Skin related diseases with prominent, extra visibility. Also can be used to detect or diagnose in so many applications, such as: Beauty, Counterfeit Currency/Documents, Criminology, Gemology, Pathology, Zoology, Botany etc

·         Model equipped with optically ground and well-polished calibrated optical bi-focal Convex Lens with Magnifying Power: 5 Diopter, Magnification factor: x2.25 and Focal Length 20cm has been used for minute and accurate diagnosis and examination.

·         This device includes: Original imported PHILIPS (Made in Poland) branded 4xUV Tubes (UVA Wave Length, 320nm-400nm centered at peak of 365nm) enhances fluorescent effect for easy diagnostic view and also includes non-shadowing, well focused 2X LED Luminaires (Operation Theater Lighting grade) for normal easy and minute view of any surface/object to be tested, In addition to lens cleaner is provided to maintain the crysta clear performance of Lense.

·         Device works in supply source of 230Vac, 50Hz and covers all the Electrical safety features to avoid any accidental Electrical Fluctuations and Surges. This device is included with high grade quality of 7.5 feet three pin mainscord.

·         One year warranty against any manufacturing defect of device (except UVA Tubes and LEDs), also include Instruction manual & Hand Book along with very convenient and elegant Device carrying container, which is absolutely free of charge.

-Due to wide range of Fluorescent effect, Can be used in various applications: Dermatology (Identification of various skin conditions), Pathology, Botany, gemology, Law Enforcement, Biotechnology, Beauty Parlors etc.

Woods Lamp for Vitiligo Examination!

Vitiligo means, complete loss of Melanin, which leads to the depigmented white patches. Since the Woods Lamp emits UVA light, due to white patches, it gets reflected and at the same time it gets absorbed nearby areas of pigmented (normal) skin. In other terms we can say that there is no fluorescence from white skin and there is fluorescence on pigmented skin. Therefore there is prominent visible contrast between normal skin and depigmented (white) skin.

As VISION TECH Woods Lamp for skin examination has quality lens having extra magnifying power with well defined focal length and also configured by 4 x BLB-UVA Original Tubes with mirolite surface, enhance the prominent, excellent profound and more apparent visibility of the white patches. These enhancements can indeed improve the examination and evaluation of Vitiligo by dermatologists, allowing for better visualization of the affected areas.

Woods Lamp for Beauty related Applications:

Woods lamp is a valuable tool in beauty applications, offering enhanced visibility of skin conditions and concerns not visible under regular lighting. Beauticians use it to analyze the skin comprehensively, leading to customized treatment plans for their customers.

Woods Lamp helps assess skincare product effectiveness by revealing their penetration into the skin. Fluorescent ingredients in products become visible under UV light, indicating successful absorption.

Summary of various skin types under Woods Lamp:

1.    Normal Skin: Smooth and even with a blue-white or violet hue, indicating good skin health.

2.    Dry Skin: Dull and lackluster under UV light, may exhibit a whitish or bluish color due to dehydration.

3.    Oily Skin: Accumulation of excess oil, T-zone shows visible yellowish or orange fluorescence.

4.    Combination Skin: Mix of oily and dry areas, T-zone appears more fluorescent, other areas normal or dry.

5.    Hyperpigmentation/Dark Spots: More pronounced and increased fluorescence under UV light.

Woods Lamp in Forensic:

The Woods Lamp plays a significant role in forensic applications by enhancing the visualization and detection of various types of evidences. Its ability to reveal hidden and overlooked traces, contributes to the comprehensive examination of crime scenes and helps in the collection of valuable forensic evidences.

In forensic investigations, Woods Lamp can be used to identify and analyze biological fluids such as semen, saliva, and bloodstains. These fluids contain fluorescent components that become visible under UVA light. By using the Woods Lamp, forensic experts can locate and document these stains, even if they have been cleaned or are not readily visible to the naked eye.

Similarly Woods Lamp can help to collect the evidences like: fingerprints, body fluids on bedding, various fibers, hair, powders etc. Woods Lamp helps to detect such a things which are very difficult to notice in normal light.

Woods Lamp in Botany:

Woods lamp is an important tool in botany, allowing for the examination of plant diseases, seed viability, chlorophyll fluorescence, plant pigments, the presence of specific substances and also fertility of certain fruits. By utilizing a Woods lamp, botanists can have the crucial insights into health of plants, physiology, and the presence of certain compounds or conditions.

Plant Disease Diagnosis: The Woods lamp helps identify plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses or certain Parasites by its characteristics.

Seed Viability Testing: Seeds can be assessed by examining their fluorescence under Woods lamp, providing insights into their quality, endurance and viability before planting.

Plant Health Analysis: Woods lamp can be used to measure chlorophyll by fluorescence emission characteristics from plant tissues, This furnishes information on photosynthetic activity, stress responses and other relevant factors, hence overall plant health becomes possible.

Plant Pigment Analysis: The distribution and concentration of plant pigments such as flavonoids or anthocyanins can be studied by fluorescence under Woods Light, which enhances value added understanding pigment production and functions.


Woods Lamp can assist Gemologists in comprehensive evaluation of Gemstones. When Woods Lamp emits UVA rays over Gemstones, as per unique crystal structure of any individual Gemstone, there will be unique Refraction, Reflection and Scattering phenomena of the individual. This variation is noticed in the form of visible fluorescent colour. Apart from this information Gemologist can identify and distinguish the Gemstones and facilitate to reveal authenticity, purity and value  of the gemstone.

There are few popular Gemstone which can be identified and authenticated:

Diamonds, Topaz / Pukhraj, Opal, Blue Sapphire/Neelam, Emerald/Panna, Ruby / Manikya, Calcite, Sodalite, Garnet, Fluorite, Scheelite, etc.


 Woods Lamp emits UV light, which can reveal discrepancies, hidden markings, or fluorescent substances that may not be readily visible under normal lighting conditions. This technique is commonly used in cases involving fraud, counterfeit currency, or altered documents, such as: Passport, License, Property / Financial documents, Educational Certificates etc.

Investigation / Detective agencies / Law enforcement agencies use certain invisible inks or security markings also can be detected and decoded using a Woods Lamp.



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